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*WIP* Caffeine Infuser
Not a morning person? Need something to start your day right, but you hate the taste of coffee (or the coffee machine is broken)? Well say hello to the answer to your drowsy morning blues: The Caffeine Infuser!

Just set the beverage of your choice in the center of the array, a scoop of coffee beans in the terra circle at the top, give it a little magical charge, and presto! A caffeinated cup of your favorite drink to give you the boost you need to start your day off right! And don't just settle for the kitchen counter; inscribe the array on a piece of paper for caffeination on the go. Get your Caffeine Infuser array today!

This is a little alchemy circle I've been thinking about for the past few weeks and wanted to draw. It's not complete yet; I still need to add a node and write the instructions into the array. I'm hoping to get some feedback on it to make sure it will work before posting the final draft. Hopefully it won't take me too long to finish it.
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Picking up from where I left off in my last entry, it was a quiet week. Uncle Jeff came with the cousins on the 11th, which also marked the one year aniversery of when Jessica passed away. The cousins didn't attend Jessica's funeral thanks to their mom last year, so my mom wanted to do something special for Jessica's "Angel Day" with the cousins. We went to the Dollar Tree and got a boucet of seven melar ballons and took them to her headstone.

Turns out that someone else remembered Jessica because they had left a beautiful metal butterfly next to her headstone. We tied the ballons onto the antenna and got some pictures. We still don't know who left that butterfly, but I'd like to say thank you to them.

Afterwards, we went back home and the cousins had their evalueation, and it went wonderfully. I thought it was funny how after living here for two years and being gone for a year, the only two things Braden really remembers is playing Zu Zu Pets with Caitlyn, and going on brownie dates with mom every Friday. He was disapointed that the bakery wasn't open while he was here. Soon enough, they were back on their way to Chris and Marcy's house for the rest of their stay with Jeff.

Later that evening we started having 50 mph gusts coming from the canyons, so Mom and Dad went to check on Jess' ballons. They had nearly ripped the butterfly half way out of the ground when they got there. After untying the ballons and straighting the butterfly out, Dad sujested taking them home. But Mom had regretted not letting the ballons go last year, and after reading this cute poem on Yahoo!, she wanted to let them go. So she walked a little higher up, holding them as high as possible, and let them go.

Here's the thing you need to know; the cemmetary is on a hill, it's getting pretty dark, and down from Jessica's grave are a lot of pretty big trees. Mom let the ballons go higher up the hill hoping the wind would carry them over the trees. Dad figured they would simple get stuck in the trees. Turns out, they had another route in mind. BOOM! The moment Mom let go, these ballons go scream down the hill 50 mph right under the trees, just crusing a few feet over the headstones.

Half way down the hill they pass this pretty huge headstone. Now we don't know who these people were, or what they were doing, but to be about 75 feet uphill and upwind from them, with 50 mph gusts blowing in your ears, and still hear them screaming as if they were standing right next to you; you know they've got a good set of lungs in them. One bloodcurdling shriek and three bodies came tumbling from behind this headstone. Just scattering in all directions from the large, thumping, silver mass that had just grazed the tops of their heads. Afterwards Mom and Dad drove arround looking for the ballons and couldn't find them. I can't help but think that Jessica and the person of that headstone had a hand in this.

Next up was Kaylena and her family. Even though Mom's family has gotten better over the years, Dad's family is our favorites by a LONG shot. We shared stories, youtube videos, went to see Brave, and toured the new gateway in Salt Lake.

Saturday afternoon me and my family went up to uncle Chis' house for dinner and to spend time with the cousins before they had to leave to go be with their mom Jamie. Brayden completely lit up when he saw the brownies from the bakery. And dinner was amazing. It's pretty cool having an uncle who lives in a mansion.

But the closer it got to the time for Brayden and Sadie to leave for their mom, the more anxoius and scared they got. No one should ever have to see an 8 year old and a 5 year old have a complete anziety attack over having to spent several months with their mom. Brayden was crying how he didn't want to be dirty anymore. As it turns out uncle Chris' family had gotten a few stories of life with Jamie out of the kids while they were staying with them.

For those that don't remember (or don't know) the divorce saga with my uncle Jeff, a quick review (I'm estimating on times): Jeff divorced Jamie about 3-4 years ago. Jeff came to live in our basement with the kids while Jamie got the house. Halfway though that first December Jeff found out though the BANK that Jamie had put their house into forclosure because she was spending the money from Jeff on clothes and not the bills, AND had bypassed Jeff so he wouldn't find out. Jeff had to scramble to save the house in two weeks. And Jamie flat out lied to him about it. Then about a year later, after Jeff had transfered to Germany, Jamie came with her "new" husband to get the kids from us, late at night, with a POLICE officer to "make sure things went smoothly", having no suitcases for their chothing, making us supply her with trashbags for their clothing, forbiding them to take anything from their father or us with them, ONLY caring for a picture that Jeff "took" from her. Afterwards, took off with the kids and dissappered for three days, wouldn't return any calls or emails, and only AFTER the court or Jeff threatened to put out a search warrant for her did she let them know she was in California. THREE DAYS. When Jessica died, the judge told her to let the kids attend the funeral while they were in Utah before sending the kids to Germany to be with their father. HALF AN HOUR. She let them visit us for 30 minutes, not letting them out of her site, before pulling them out the door.

So recently we found out that while they were with her last time, she locked Sadie in her room with one dry bowl of cereal for a whole day just for getting in the frigde because she was hungry. Jamie also let Sadie's underwear get moldly, never gave Brayden proper hygienal care, and threw away everything their dad gave her. And while the cousins were at Chris', Sadie was talking to Jamie in front of Marcy (Chris' wife), Sadie said to her mom "I want to stay with dad." Marcy watched Sadie's face fall and asked her what happened after she hung up. Sadie told her how at that comment, Jamie screamed at her that she hated her and her dad was stupid".

Turns out that after that, Jamie found out that instead of having to pay for the evaluator to come out to Germany, pay for the airfair, pay for the hotel, Jeff had his evaluation in the states, not having to pay for all of that. She then called the evaluator's office and started yelling at her secratary. The evaluator heard the shouting, took the phone, told Jamie that she would not tolerate this, on which Jamie proceeded to yell at her and told her that she was being bias toward her and was siding with Jeff. Jamie chose this evaluator at the begining, and this is the LAST person you should be yelling at.

You read every letter she has written to the court and count how many times she mentions the word "money". All she cares about is the money. She didn't talk to her children for months because she couldn't afford it, yet she and her new husband will be able to pay off their new house in 8 years. She is a pysopathic liar who couldn't tell the truth for the life of her. Also she has several collection agencies after her for overdue payments and married a man after he devorced his first wife but was still living with them. Can you say poligamy? She is messed up.

So before they left, Grandpa, Chris, and my Dad gave Brayden and Sadie blessings to give them strength and comfort. Mom and Marcy gave them each a lockable journal with invisible ink, and made sure they knew who to call and what to do. May guardian angels protect them, and let this whole thing be over soon.

So after that, not much happened. We went and saw Brave with both families (my 3 and 4 times seeing it), officially got my drivers' licence (don't ask), went to an orrientaion at Weber, registered for classes, and got hired by my Dad's parents to move there upstairs downstairs and vis versa. The weather out here in California is wonderful. I wish I packed my camera.

Hope you're having a good day. I'm going to go take a nap in the hammick. :D



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Welcome to my humble abode, ye random souls that have happened to stumble across this desolite little page. Come and chat with the others for a while, while I try to liven things up around here.

I'm doing quiet well myself at the moment; treding papers in the Sea of Assignments, and exploring the far corners of my imagination when time allows (a.k.a. LaLa Land).

I plan on adding more to this account in the near future, when time permits. So until we meet again, have an nice day. (=


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